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8UPPERS Concert Pt 1 Hardsub

This one is the hardsub for 8UPPERS Concert Part 1. It covers the entire part 1: songs, MCs and talks.

The person who behind this is aereul . ^_^ aereul is away right now, (enjoying holidays that she deserves to get) but you can show your gratitude by either comment on her LJ or PM her or just click the green thanks button besides her name at the bottom of this page (Idk how to find/create a customize one).

As this work is done by only the two of us, there might have some flaws here & there (Although both of us have QC like 3-4 times per individual XD) Oh. And I separate the hardsub & softsub post is because this one, unlike the softsub, you cannot :




Or any action which fall under the common subber rules you have encounter before.

I am not sure if I should give you girls softsub for this cause another person has posted it before in Kanjani8 community for the talks & MC & I have shared the songs lyrics/translation. Besides, Im using 2-3 fonts which is not available in your default fonts so it might turn out to be different from the hardsub version.


Ah I forgot to add this in the video! The raw is from Jpopsuki

I split the file because I cannot upload it in one go.

Download Link
001 002 003 004 005 006

001 002 003 004 005 006 -> Thanks to familytables
The links have died so use the one below.

Folder Thanks to a_silent_moment

I just check the folder, & unfortunately MF has deleted both upload by familytables & even a_silent_moment's MF account thus the only mirror left for this concert has gone. /sighs/ So Im working to get back the link up for download. Cant really say when (Im really fail managing my time so uh.. please be patient?)

Download link (The only available link right now)

.001 .002 .003 .004
→ IMPORTANT! ADD .avi at the end of the file name after you join the file using HJSplit because the file have no specific format extension. You will get the file as only a blank white icon & named "2010disk1" add the extension above so it will now be "2010disk1.avi"
You guys better dont try to twist the extension to .mp4 or .flv or .mkv etc bcus I already tried that before & the file couldnt be played. So yeah...

(I didnt set any extension because I tried to get it on MF at first & I didnt want MF to detect the video, but .. MF is so suck. It failed my every upload attempt because my internet was moving like a turtle so yeah... I've tried 4Shared & Sockshare too but I guess havent been using 4Shared for almost a year did something to my desktop version. Whatever. Thank God we have so many sharing file websites so there you go with 2Shared links.
And guise please dont post comment or PM me asking for download link from another website such as MF. I have a really really slow connection & tbh to upload this takes 3 days for me so please. But you sure can help if you want to provide mirror for everyone else & me)  :B

Raw (Video)
Copy (Folder)
Uptobox (Folder)

or you can download from here

Softsub (Subtitle)
(with talks) I do hope you wont claim this subs as yours :)


Password for subtitle :
8uppersdisk1       *new password*

One of this link has a password. Okay, its the 004. XD
You must PM (private message) me with the title to get it.
Let cut this out. You may now leech as you please. (Sorry for being uptight previously and to those who had to endure with it, Im sorry once again *bows* )
And please, please, ABUSE the THANKS BUTTON (the button is dead idky) especially aereul's one cus without her translation, we wont get this.
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