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You absolutely CANNOT RECLAIM & SELL the subbed videos.

*5th May 2012*

(For links which are still active/up)

Reupload post

My subbed works & raw.

If anyone could help to mirror link from MEGA to MirrorCreator, Go4Up, MultiUp or other mirror cloud service, it would be appreciated.

Please take note, as I had to re-encode almost all of this, the font used & file size might differ as I had to change laptop a few years back so the setting I used has all gone.
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8UPPERS Concert Pt 1 Hardsub

This one is the hardsub for 8UPPERS Concert Part 1. It covers the entire part 1: songs, MCs and talks.

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One of this link has a password. Okay, its the 004. XD
You must PM (private message) me with the title to get it.
Let cut this out. You may now leech as you please. (Sorry for being uptight previously and to those who had to endure with it, Im sorry once again *bows* )
And please, please, ABUSE the THANKS BUTTON (the button is dead idky) especially aereul's one cus without her translation, we wont get this.

Making Of Hatenai Sora

I have finished subbing Making Of Hatenai SoraCollapse )Collapse )
See? I did finish subbing this. But I CAN can't post nor upload it. *grins sighs*

So.. After 9:47:23, I finally get to upload MO Hatenai Sora on MU.
That was the longest battle I ever had. Fuuuuuuuh~
So, for those who are lucky enough to cross my post, here is the link.

MF (Thanks to gaiiterz gaiiterz  )
password: kawaiibangs

IDK why LJ is cutting my post. D.amn. I have to retype and paste like crazy.
I think Im gonna let this one as a single post.
Why hotfile search spam me..????? Duh!!

Both links are dead so for now I'll leave the link for softsub before I reupload the hardsub back.

Download :