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03 May 2013 @ 01:49 am
2/5 : Apparently my account expired just a day ago. A DAY AGO. Like... what even... I last logged in around 40 days ago really.... /sighs/
I know I have said this multiple times /Im really sorry though it takes me soooooooooooooo long to reupload/ but yes, I'll try to do that. No definite date but maybe I'll start getting the file up 3-4 weeks after this post. 8Uppers Disk 2 will be my priority but if you have other file you want to download first, then please drop your comment below.

I'm just gonna post all the link here & guys, since right now my internship is still on-going, most of the re-upload video will probably just the raw version with no sub & karaoke.  But no worry, if you want the sub i did, I'll provide the softsub. And maybe tutorial on how to hardsub video if I have any free time.

17/8 (EDIT):

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Some of the old files

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31 December 2030 @ 06:23 pm

Do not comment on any entry asking

for password.

Just in case you are searching for specific entry, you can check the tags link (above this post).

You absolutely CANNOT RECLAIM & SELL the subbed videos.

*5th May 2012*

(For links which are still active/up)

I've strayed away from Jpop for quite sometime so I guess I shouldnt be too strict with stuffs I had subbed.
Why? It is for the sake of keeping whatever fandoms to spread their love to the new fans /and the fact I havent even do what I promise - the reupload post remember?/
And no. Im not leaving Jpop scene just yet. I've been busy /hell.. I just screw my final this week/ and watch lotsa dramas, Once Upon a Time anyone? /ucwidt/ and got involve with EXO M /I still Arashi so no worry they wont be topped anytime soon. I know I said stuffs on my DW but Arashian in me wont die that fast/
14 February 2012 @ 10:20 pm

30 September 2011 @ 03:25 pm
Be kind to aereul & me by not doing any of these :




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29 July 2011 @ 09:40 pm
This one is the hardsub for 8UPPERS Concert Part 1. It covers the entire part 1: songs, MCs and talks.

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One of this link has a password. Okay, its the 004. XD
You must PM (private message) me with the title to get it.
Let cut this out. You may now leech as you please. (Sorry for being uptight previously and to those who had to endure with it, Im sorry once again *bows* )
And please, please, ABUSE the THANKS BUTTON (the button is dead idky) especially aereul's one cus without her translation, we wont get this.
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